Elevate your rider's experience, get a free tablet now

With an easy five-minute installation, start offering interesting local content and ads for your passengers. As riders view ads on the tablets, you can earn extra cash! Fill out the form to begin your application process now.

If the city you work in is not among the cities listed below, it means that Alfi has not yet rolled out in your area and we encourage you to check back later because we are expanding!

Please ensure that your Driver Rating Screenshot includes the number of rides you have completed. If it is not included, we will reach out to ask you to resubmit your image.

How does it work?

Alfi’s rideshare partner program was created for rideshare drivers as an opportunity to earn additional income by installing an ALFI tablet in their vehicle for riders to interact with.

The tablet displays ads, which make money for Alfi and for you. Alfi then shares its revenue with partners, allowing you to earn extra income each month.

How do I get a tablet?

Fill out the form

Sign the Driver Agreement

Confirm your shipping address

How do drivers make money?

We show riders advertisements and pay a portion of the money we make from them to our rideshare program partners, allowing drivers to make extra income monthly, without needing to do any extra work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide one tablet for each driver who is eligible to join the program. ALFI tablets use artificial intelligence to detect traits about the rider like their age, gender or location and serves them relevant and interesting advertisements. The advertisements displayed generate income that Alfi shares with those who sign up for the Rideshare Partner Program.

Once you submit your initial application, you will work through our onboarding process via email, which includes submitting some documents and signing our driver agreement. Once the onboarding process is complete, your tablet will be packed and shipped to you. Please be patient as this process can sometimes be delayed as we receive a high volume of submissions.

Your tablet comes shipped with a headrest mount installation kit and instructions. It can be installed in minutes without any special tools or hardware and doesn’t cause damage to your vehicle. Click here to see an installation video.

Yes! Alfi is available to drivers at all rideshare companies.

ALFI tablets are insured and will be replaced free of charge in the event of damage of theft. 

You do not need any special equipment to host an Alfi tablet. The tablets are shipped internet-enabled and there is no need to purchase a service plan.

Some cities do require special permits or licenses to operate a rideshare vehicle or host methods of advertising on or within your vehicle. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with and adhere to your local laws.