ALFI Tablets for Rideshare Drivers

With a five-minute easy installation, start offering customized content for your passengers. As they view ads on the tablets, earn extra revenue as much as $350 a month!

About Alfi Tablets

Interactive and intelligent software that uses cutting edge technology to display unique and engaging content on the Alfi tablet, to keep users entertained while they wait.

Alfi is the premier international rideshare advertising and entertainment platform, delivering rich media content to riders all over the globe.

We offer a revenue share with our partnerships

Here is an example of our model on a monthly basis that can be adjusted based on your driving time. Please note that these figures do not consider additional revenue available from QR codes, vouchers, high impact feature adverts, etc.


Rideshare Driver


Daily Trips

15 mins

Average Trip

Up to $350

Monthly to you

What can Alfi do?

  • Suggests local attractions and places of interest.
  • Read the latest news publications.
  • Traffic news and alerts.
  • Play games.
  • Watch movie trailers.
  • Provide anonymous and custom reporting on your passengers demographics, interests, etc.

How does it work?

Every Driver Gets 1 Tablet

You receive your FREE tablet and installation kit after signing up.

5-minute Installation

The tablets are easy to install into the headrests.

Start Earning

The more you drive, the more you earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide one tablet for each driver who is eligible to join the program. Alfi uses computer vision and machine learning to recognize the demographics of the rider and serves them personalized content as well as advertisements. Thanks to the ads we show, we can supply the tablet free of charge and share ad revenue with our driver-partners.

We contact drivers who signed up on our website via email to submit vehicle and driver documents for review. Upon document approval, drivers will be sent an agreement and orientation video.

We ask drivers a couple of questions about how long they have been driving, their driver rating, and the rides they take per week. Most drivers qualify for the program. 

We supply drivers with a headrest mount so the tablets can be installed on the headrests without making any modifications to the car. The headrest mounts do not require drilling or screwing into the seat, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your car. 

We are currently accepting driver submissions from the US, Canada, and the UK. However, we’ll be giving out tablets in cities where we receive the most submissions. Currently, we are working to get started in Miami, FL and London, UK, including working to get the required permits from institutions like TFL in London.

We have received a lot of submissions and our onboarding teams in the US and the UK are working hard to contact every driver. As the cities with most applications get the priority, it might take a while for us to reach out to you. We will, eventually, contact every driver who signed up to give them the opportunity to receive a tablet. 

We show riders banner ads and share the revenue from these advertisements with our drivers. Our driver partners make a portion of our ad-revenue from the tablet in their car.

Complete the form below to apply for your free Alfi tablet.